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Are you struggling to participate in everyday activities? We can help you change that!


Thrive4Life is focused on helping people live life to their full potential.

By working with clients providing a holistic treatment approach, we look at all aspects of health, from nutrition, sleep and play, to modifying environments. At Thrive4Life OT we help transform lives by re-engaging clients in everyday activities. 

We work across all ages, specialising in children and over 65's, and pride ourselves on providing tailored services for each individual patient.



Started in 2018 by Lauren Farrow, Thrive4Life Occupational Therapy was developed from a passion to help people thrive across their life span.

Since graduating in 2010 from Charles Stuart University with a Bachelor of Health Sciences Occupational Therapy, Lauren has worked across a number of public and private Occupational Therapy fields including paediatrics, adult disability and community aged care.

Lauren’s passion is treating clients at both ends of life (paediatric and over 65's) as well as rural health.



Servicing Echuca, Bendigo, Shepparton and everywhere in between, Thrive4Life Occupational Therapy specialises in providing home care packages and short term restorative care Occupational Therapy services.

Paediatric services include:

  • School skills - pencil skills, listening and focusing, following instructions, fidgeting

  • Sensory skills - self-regulation, picky eating, repetitive behaviours

  • Self-care skills - dressing, eating with cutlery, toileting, sleeping, 

  • Social skills - reading non-verbal cues, developing friendships, restrictive interests

  • Autism and intellectual disability therapy and supports

  • Mindfulness and meditation

Adult services:

  • Assessments, recommendations (including but not limited to ramp, step, rail and other modifications) and education:

    • Activities involved in daily living

    • Home environment

    • Falls prevention

  • Prescription of assistive aids and equipment

  • Pressure care assessment, equipment prescription and education

  • Prescription of personal alarm systems

  • Energy conservation and work simplification strategies

  • Carer education regarding manual handling.


Funding options: Private, case management and NDIS (under 'improved daily living').

Thrive4Life Occupational Therapy is also able to provide group education and consultation on request.​​