Occupational Therapy

Paediatric Occupational Therapy services include:

  • School skills - pencil skills, listening and focusing, following instructions, fidgeting

  • Sensory skills - self-regulation, picky eating, repetitive behaviours

  • Self-care skills - dressing, eating with cutlery, toileting, sleeping, 

  • Social skills - reading non-verbal cues, developing friendships, restrictive interests

  • Autism and intellectual disability therapy and supports

  • Mindfulness, meditation and yoga

Adult Occupational Therapy services:

  • Assessments, recommendations (including but not limited to ramp, step, rail and other modifications) and education:

    • Activities involved in daily living

    • Home environment

    • Falls prevention

  • Prescription of assistive aids and equipment

  • Pressure care assessment, equipment prescription and education

  • Prescription of personal alarm systems

  • Energy conservation and work simplification strategies

  • Carer education regarding manual handling.


Group Programs:

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Funding options: Private, case management and NDIS (under 'improved daily living').